Master's degree

Master's Degree Programme in Health Promotion
Master of Social Services and Health Care, 90 ECTS

sairaanhoitaja (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, ensihoitaja (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, terveydenhoitaja (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, geronomi (ylempi AMK), Master of Social Services and Health Care, naprapaatti (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, sosionomi (ylempi AMK), Master of Social Services

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After completing the studies, you will strengthen your own competence to work in a multidisciplinary operating environment as a health promotion expert, developer, and in management and supervisory work.

Degree programme description

The structure of education (90 cr) is divided to degree-specific core studies (30 cr), supplementary studies (30 cr) and thesis

Degree-specific studies are:
• Basis for health promotion and ethical foundation
• Theoretical models and methods of health promotion at the individual, family, and community levels
• Evidence-based health promotion practice and its development
• Health promotion strategies and knowledge management
• Customer orientation in health promotion and their development
• Health promotion expertise, management and evaluation of effectiveness

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

The training is carried out on the Kotka campus.

Supplimentary Master School studies are carried out on all Xamk campuses.

Career opportunities

The YAMK degree in health promotion provides an opportunity for various expert and development tasks. Graduates can work various of fields in social and health care such as supervisors, managers od development projects, health promotion planner, coordinator of health promotion

RDI and cooperation with world of work

The degree programme is multidisciplinary, providing you with the opportunity to meet professionals from various fields during your studies. Together with your teachers, they challenge you to practise your critical thinking and argumentation skills. As a result, you not only gain new perspectives on your own field, but also contribute to the development of other fields.
You can also carry out research work and other assignments as part of Xamk’s research, development and innovation (RDI) projects.

Cooperation with world of work

The networks created with experts during the studies are also a considerable advantage for you after graduation. This is something that students graduating from Xamk Master School consider one of the most important aspects of the education.