Master's degree

Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Construction and Design
Master of Culture and Arts, 60 ECTS

Insinööri (ylempi AMK), Master of Engineering, muotoilija (ylempi AMK), Master of Culture and Arts

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The Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Construction and Design focuses on future-orientation, change, development and evolution. The priority areas in the studies include the utilization of renewable materials in the built environment and the management and administration of the service process. Integration of building and design will renew the culture of construction planning.

An interest in developing your own professional skills is the best starting point for post-graduate studies. The studies can be completed while working, but you can also participate even if you are not currently employed.

This Master’s Programme is aimed at experts in the field of construction or design who have completed a bachelor's degree in the field. Depending on your previous education, you will graduate from the programme either as a Master of Engineering or Master of Culture and Arts.

Degree programme description

The scope of the programme is 60 ECTS credits
Core competence (25 ECTS credits)
• Business in an innovative built environment 5 ECTS credits
• Green certificates in construction 5 ECTS credits
• Utilization of renewable bio-based materials in buildings 5 ECTS credits
• Conceptualization and productization of service design 5 ECTS credits
• Design thinking in sustainable construction 5 ECTS credits
Complementary competence (5 ECTS credits)
master’s thesis (30 ECTS credits)

Core competence studies are common to all graduate students.
At the beginning of your studies, you will prepare your personal study plan with the Studies Coordinator. The plan will support your study progress and professional growth. You can build your career path according to your study plan with the courses that serve your professional growth the best.

You can choose complementary studies offered for all Master’s students, from the common multidisciplinary Master School.
These common studies cover courses both in Finnish and English and include the following:
• Research and development
• Management, leadership and entrepreneurship
• International working environments
• Information, digital services and networks.

You can also complete complementary studies as part of the master’s programmes provided by other universities. In addition, you can include previously completed studies, if they are at master’s level and are in line with the objectives of the degree to be completed. You can ask the Studies Coordinator for more information about the approval of previously completed studies.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

Study flexibly while working
The programme is organized as blended learning studies, which means you can study while working. The studies include contact and distance learning, independent studies and group work. Contact teaching is organised two days a month, and you are expected to participate in it. They are scheduled for working days and weekends.

RDI and cooperation with world of work

During the master’s programme, you will get to know professionals in your own field as well as in other fields. A multidisciplinary network of experts is also useful for you after your studies. You also build important networks in work-related development projects, the most important of which is the master’s thesis.

Learning environments

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences offers an excellent and versatile framework for your learning. A significant part of your learning takes place outside the classroom. The multidisciplinary and international student community offers excellent opportunities for networking.