Master's degree

Tuloksellisten toimitusketjujen johtamisen koulutus (ylempi amk) (not translated)
Master of Business Administration, 90 ECTS

tradenomi (ylempi AMK), Master of Business Administration

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Logistics operations are directly related to the profitability of companies.

During the master’s degree studies, you obtain the know-how and skills required for the management of supply chains. You achieve this by studying financial, knowledge and risk management with reference to the logistics field and practical challenges in logistics operations as well as analyzing and developing logistics processes.

Upon graduation, you qualify as a multifaceted professional in the field of logistics. You are able to take into account different cost factors of the logistics activities and anticipate the introduction of new procedures and technologies. Also, you are capable of working in various administrative and management positions within the vast logistics sector. In addition, the studies will improve your ability to work as an entrepreneur.

Degree programme description

The extent of the degree programme studies is 90 ETCS credits.

The focus of core competence studies (45 ects) is on the versatility of logistics operations and their development with an orientation in the future. Both the economic and technical perspective of logistics operations is studied. The core competence studies consist of the following modules:

- Economical and knowledge management in logistics operations
- Logistics planning
- Logistics management
- The future of logistics

You can choose complementary competence studies (15 ects) from a wide range of Xamk Master School’s common studies based on your interests. These common studies cover courses instructed both in Finnish and English and include the following:

- Research and development
- Management, leadership and entrepreneurship
- International working environments
- Information, digital services and networks.

You can also choose complementary competence studies from other universities provided that they are offered as master’s degree level studies.

If you have previously completed studies at the level of EQF 7, and they match the objectives of the degree programme, they can be accredited as part of your studies. More information is provided by the Degree Programme Coordinator.

Thesis 30 ECTS credits

The master’s degree programme is aimed at students who already possess a BBA and have gained at least two years of work experience after graduation. The studies are especially suitable for students who have graduated from bachelor’s degree programmes in business logistics or business administration and have work experience in logistics operations.

Logistics is an integral part of all business activities and logistics operations account for a significant part of total costs of many companies. Therefore, companies need employees who master both the organization and financial management involved in logistics operations.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

As the programme is arranged by means of blended learning, it enables studying while working. However, having a job is not a requirement for starting the studies. The studies include on-campus lessons and online studies. You can study independently and in groups. It is possible to integrate course assignments into your own work and the activities of your employer. The on-campus lessons are given, as a rule, on 1 or 2 days per month on Kouvola Campus.

At the beginning of your studies, you prepare a personal study plan (PSP) which helps you make choices related to the studies, practical training, master’s thesis and international activities. Your Studies Coordinator supports you in preparing the personal study plan. Studying at Master School provides you with the opportunity to build the career path of your choice, in line with your own objectives.

Student wellbeing is a top priority at Xamk, and we support students in different ways in all matters related to their studies. Our entire staff ranging from the Studies Coordinators, Student Wellbeing Advisors, Study Counselling Psychologists, student healthcare personnel and University Chaplain are committed to ensuring your wellbeing.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

According to Xamk’s BYOD policy, students must bring and use their own devices on campus. More information is available on Xamk website.

RDI and cooperation with world of work

The degree programme is multidisciplinary, providing you with the opportunity to meet professionals from various fields during your studies. Together with your teachers, they aim to encourage critical thinking and improve your argumentation skills. As a result, you do not only gain new perspectives to your own field, but also contribute to the development of other fields.

The networks created with experts during the studies are also a considerable advantage for you after graduation. This is something that students graduating from Xamk Master School consider one of the most important aspects of the education.

At Master School, you learn to retrieve and process field-specific research data and apply it to your own work. Learning is research-based, development-oriented and aimed at promoting innovation. You can also carry out research work and other assignments as part of Xamk’s research, development and innovation (RDI) projects. RDI specialists are an essential part of Xamk Master School, building bridges with the world of work. Among Finnish universities of applied sciences, Xamk stands out as the largest in the field of RDI activities. The total number of ongoing projects per year is nearly 200.