Master's degree

Clinical expertise, master studies


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Demanding expertise in clinical nursing
Developing as an expert in clinical nursing 5
Multidisciplinary practice in clinical nursing 10
Clinical examination of the patient 5
Prevention of national diseases in clinical nursing 5  
Development competence
Promoting evidence based practice in clinical nursing 10
Research and development methods in clinical nursing 5
Master’s thesis
Master’s thesis: idea and planning 10
Master’s thesis: implementation 10
Master’s thesis: reporting, assessment and presentation 10  
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Master School
The Childs trusteeship protection and criminal proceedings 5                              
The Best Interest of the Child 5                              
Environmental responsibility in organization 5                              
Introduction to cybersecurity 5                              
Circular Economy 5                              
Research and development studies
Research-based development 5                              
Future research 5                              
Digitalisation in developing of the welfare 5                              
Participatory development methods 5                              
Service design 5                              
Art-based collaboration methods 5                              
Methodological Summer School 5                              
Basics of research and development of working life 5                              
Survey in research and development 5                              
Qualitative research methods in working life development 5                              
Service Design 5                              
Service design as method of development 5                              
Management studies
Leadership challenges during change 5                              
Project management 5                              
Leading youself and others 5                              
Turvallisuusjohtaminen 5                              
Strategic management 5                              
Digitalisation in management 5                              
Human resources management and first-line management 5                              
Service processes and developing of processes 5                              
Network management 5                              
Management systems 5                              
Facing challenging working life situations 5                              
Wellbeing at work 5                              
Sustainable technology management 5                              
Leadership and interaction 5                              
Strategic Management 5                              
Leadership 5                              
eMentorointi 5                              
Interdisciplinary Project Management 5                              
Financial Management 5                              
Sales management 5                              
Communication studies
Interaction as a tool of expert 5                              
Academic Writing 5                              
Administrative Swedish 2                              
Spanish for working life 5                              
German for working life 5                              
Multi-cultural teamwork & communications 5                              
Report and publish your development project 5                              
Academic writing for master’s thesis 5                              
Russia studies
Russian Cultural History 5                              
Russian for working life 5                              
Russian Grammar 5                              
Russian business and communications culture 5                              
Russia 4 5                              
Entrepreneurship studies
Entrepreneurship sparring for master students 5                              
Grow into an entrepreneur 5                              
ECTS credits per period / semester / academic year 531703122170031111117000

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Due to the timing of optional and elective courses, credit accumulation per semester / academic year may vary.

Clinical nurse specialist (YAMK) program is conducted at the Master School. The core competence of the education consists of the demanding competence and development competence of clinical nursing. Competence can be complemented by the Master School, a multidisciplinary, international and change-oriented learning and ICT environment. The Master School offers you several different learning paths for your expertise and career in building and renewing your work life. You can flexibly build your degree in Xamk Master School. Teachers work as instructors for your learning and challenge you to critical thinking, argumentation, and the production and application of new knowledge.

Master School graduates understand and recognize changes in working life environments. For you, the Master School offers the opportunity to study in multidisciplinary, working-life development challenges and innovation-driven learning and development communities.

After training, you are able to work independently in clinical nursing expertise and respond to patients' care in your area of ??expertise. Achieving independent and demanding decision-making in clinical nursing. You can plan, implement, and evaluate evidence-based patient care and guidance. You are able to develop and update clinical nursing based on evidence. You also have the ability to communicate with experts within your area of ??expertise.