Bachelor's degree, full-time studies

Degree Programme in Business Data Analytics and Visualisation
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

tradenomi (AMK), Bachelor of Business Administration

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Data analytics is a unique degree program which consists of business, data analytics and communication studies. In these studies you learn how to work in a changing business environment and get skills to start a business of your own. You learn how to manage business with data and how to create new, data driven future business.

The degree program bases on business studies, but core competence involves data processing and presentation skills. The studies provide you with knowhow and skills for new, versatile expert and development tasks in companies and public enterprises.

You study data analytics, communication and visualization in a versatile learning environment and context consisting of projects, company collaboration, teamwork, independent studies and lessons by experts. As part of the studies can be in English, they also provide you with practical language skills.

It is possible to study in a real business context. You learn to know different companies and their needs in a new business area. This way you learn to understand business and produce the data needed and to generate new business possibilities.

Degree programme description

The degree program consists of obligatory studies of business and data analytics and optional studies. Optional studies enable specializing in studies that interest you. Also practical training periods and bachelor’s thesis are very important parts of your studies.
If you have previous skills related to degree program contents through studies, work or leisure activities, it is possible to apply for recognition of prior learning.

The Degree Programme in Data Analytics makes you familiar with business and business development. You learn to understand which new possibilities data analytics can give for business. According your own interest you can familiarize with other business areas as well. You learn to find, edit and present data needed by companies and to develop the company through data. You learn to understand business and find new ideas, targets and ways to enhance data.

The degree program highlights professional skills in data analytics, visualization and communication combined to business. You can also complement your degree by choosing studies in a multidisciplinary manner from service design, for example, or other fields you are interested in.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

The studies are full-time and arranged through daytime classroom teaching consisting of lessons, webinars and company and development projects. You learn by doing, through experiments and pilot projects as well as through listening and understanding. Lessons are mainly in Finnish, but some part of the studies can be carried out in English. The materials used are either in Finnish or in English.

Career opportunities

After BBA graduation you can work in expert, planning or in development duties in companies, municipalities or government enterprises. You can plan, implement, organize and develop. You can be an entrepreneur as well. In addition, you receive skills needed in working in international business.

Job titles include for example the following:
• Customer analyst
• CDO (Chief Data Officer)
• Data analyst
• Data scientist
• Data visualist
• Digital communication specialist
• Development manager
• Business development expert
• Marketing analyst
• Project manager
• Data expert
• Communication specialist

RDI and cooperation with world of work

The Degree Programme of Data Analytics collaborates closely with companies and RDI (Research, Development, Innovation) activities. You learn to know companies and their needs in a new business area.

At South Eastern University of Applied Sciences you develop your expertise through real company collaboration. Studies take place through learning projects involving students, working life representatives and teachers. During your studies you can work with many different projects and many different organizations.