Bachelor's degree, full-time studies

Degree Programme in Business Management
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

tradenomi (AMK), Bachelor of Business Administration

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A person graduated in the Degree of Business Management is an expert in business and administration. You get competences for working as a specialist, developer, manager or entrepreneur.

Studying business management gives you skills in entrepreneur way of working and possibilities to co-operate with different companies. After completing the studies you are able to work independently in tasks of your own field. Besides, you can lead projects, arrange events and develop processes of a company. Practical-oriented studies help you to create networks, which support you in working-life.

Degree programme description

The modules of core competence studies common to ALL STUDENTS (150 ECTS credits) are
- Basic business competences and support skills
- Business environment
- Clients and partnerships
- Profitable business
- Business processes
- Research and development competences
- Practical training
- Bachelor´s thesis

Within complementary studies (60 ECTS credits), you can select a specialization (30 ECTS credits) and expand (or deepen) your competences by completing optional studies (30 ECTS credits). Specialisations are listed in your curriculum.

You can choose optional studies to widen your knowledge in following studies (30 ECTS credits):
- leadership and management studies
- language studies
- Russia studies
- robotic process automation and artificial intelligence studies
- data system and other digitalization-oriented studies
- international student exchange
- entrepreneurship studies
- specialisation studies in the Degree Programme of Business Management
- advanced law studies (if you aim to achieve the specialization certificate in law)

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

Your personal study and career plans are prepared at the beginning of your studies. They are built on the objectives of the degree programme and on the knowledge and skills previously acquired, in order to support your decisions in career planning, course options, practical training, thesis and international studies. The objective is that you can plan your studies as well as possible according to your life situation. South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences offers three tracks for completing your studies. It is also possible to complete studies by way of combining these three tracks.

In the scheduled track, you participate in the classroom instruction and guidance. Your studying includes classroom and online studying, as well as and simulations in various environments. Independent track allows you to accelerate the progress of studies e.g. by completing online courses and courses scheduled for other student groups in the same degree programme. Summer studies are also available.

Blended track is offered for students whose current work is allows for them to complete courses (fully or partly) or modules through their work. A careful planning is suggested when speeding up the studies, since learning and achieving competences requires time. Speeding up your studies requires excellent time management skills and readiness for independent studying. If you have prior competence related to the course, such as studies or work experience on the subject, you can have the course accredited either partially or in full.

Business studies are offered in Xamk as full-time, part-time and online-studies. Scheduled studies are offered on Kouvola Campus in both full-time and part-time studies. Online-studies are available throughout the year. Studying online requires the student to be active, have good time management skills and the ability to concentrate. Primarily, you study in implementations according to your starting group. Within ISP, you can also combine learning pathways.

Career opportunities

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration opens up many career opportunities. You are qualified to work in specialist, developer or manager positions, or you can start your own business.Most the students graduating with BBA are employed by private companies in Finland and abroad, but operators in the public and third sector are also potential employers.

Job descriptions are, for example:
• customer service manager
• key account manager
• business controller
• digital specialist
• digital marketing specialist, content marketing specialist
• HR specialist
• HR manager
• accountant
• marketing assistant
• sales manager
• finance assistant
• finance manager
• insurance secretary
• online seller
• entrepreneur

With a specialization in law:
- legal secretary
- distrainor
- secretary of the court

RDI and cooperation with world of work

Xamk provides you with opportunities to participate in various events organized by partner organizations. Your studies include various projects, that allows you to make contact with companies in the region. You will also have the opportunity to participate in Xamk's research and development (RDI) projects and complete your studies in connection with them.

Xamk has been a partner of the music industry event Emma Gala and our students have completed studies in e.g. social media marketing. Students have also been able to implement their own plans at the Emma Gala. Xamk also cooperates with e.g. Microsoft to organize artificial intelligence studies. This has opened up internships for our students at Microsoft partner companies.

The Finnish retailing conglomerate Kesko's grocery trade offers our students the opportunity to study 5–15 credits of trade and entrepreneurship studies online. Staria Oyj offers software robotics studies online.

Learning environments

The key learning environments are online: Learn Learning Platform, Office 365, Student Intranet, Microsoft Teams and Adobe Connect (AC). It is essential to have suitable personal devices to ensure steady progress with your studies.

Xamk's online library (Kaakkuri) enables the very extensive use of electronic sources (eg books, magazines, databases) in studies. You will be introduced to these at the very beginning of your studies.

If you participate in projects, events and excursions as part of or during your studies, you will meet other students and professional operators. Hardly is there a better way to create connections and networks and advertise your potential for future employment.