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Supply chain management (5 cr)

Code: LT00AB01-3022

General information


12.04.2021 - 25.04.2021


30.08.2021 - 10.12.2021

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual portion

3 op

Mode of delivery

40 % Contact teaching, 60 % Distance learning


Kouvola Campus

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 70

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Business Management


  • Mervi Koskelainen
  • Tuula Kuparinen

Teacher in charge

Aarni Ahtola

Scheduling groups

  • Ryhmä 1 (Size: 50. Open UAS: 0.)
  • Ryhmä 2 (Size: 50. Open UAS: 0.)


  • LTKV21KM
    Business, part-time studies

Small groups

  • Ryhmä 1
  • Ryhmä 2


You are able to describe the supply chain of a company. You are able to explain the importance of supply chain for the profitability of a company. You are able to demonstrate that you are familiar with the logistics system of a company. You are able to describe the importance of ERP on supply chain. You are able to use the basic functions of an ERP system (Kouvola campus).


What is the structure of a supply chain? How does the supply chain affect the profitability of the company? What is the significance of logistical decisions for the company? How does ERP help in controlling the supply chain? What basic functions and reports are there in an ERP system? (Kouvola campus)

Evaluation scale



Business and entrepreneurship and Financial accounting, or equivalent knowledge