Optional studies
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Russian studies

MO00CW81 Basics of Russian Cultural History 5 cr
MO00DL85 Everyday communication in Russian 3 cr
MO00DL47 Finnish-Russian tandem week in St. Petersburg 2 cr
MO00DS03 Kielitandem ja oma ammattiala Pietarissa (not translated) 5 cr
MO00DL34 Learn about your own field in Saint-Petersburg 5 cr
203004912 Logistics and Transportation to Russia 1 5 cr
203005912 Logistics and Transportation to Russia 2 5 cr
203006912 Logistics and Transportation to Russia 3 5 cr
R00D024 Russia beyond the headlines 5 cr
MO00AA13 Russia project on one?s own professional field 5 cr
MO00CW80 Russian business and communications culture 5 cr
MO00DL72 Russian Business Culture 3 cr
J00DV30 Russian for health care 5 cr
MO00DL33 Russian society and culture 5 cr