Optional studies
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Master School-offerings

BYYY00214 Academic Writing 5 cr
BY00EA54 Academic writing for master’s thesis 5 cr
BY00DN22 Advanced Professional english 5 cr
BY00CW52 Basics of research and development of working life 5 cr
BY00DN21 Big data and data driven decision making 5 cr
BY00DN16 Circular Economy Management 5 cr
YY00AF32 Digitalisation in developing of the welfare 5 cr
YY00AF33 Digitalisation in management 5 cr
BY00DN12 eMentorointi (not translated) 5 cr
BY2530026 Entrepreneurship sparring for master students 5 cr
BY00DN17 Environmental responsibility in organization 5 cr
BY00DN11 Facing challenging working life situations 5 cr
VV00CX11 German 4 5 cr
BY00CX70 German for working life 5 cr
BY00DH23 Grow into an entrepreneur 5 cr
BY2530011 Human resources management and first-line management 5 cr
BY00CW36 Introduction to cybersecurity 5 cr
BY00DN19 Johdatus esineiden internetiin (not translated) 5 cr
BY00DN15 Johtamisen psykologiaa esimiehille (not translated) 5 cr
BY00CX77 Leadership 5 cr
BY00CW78 Leadership and interaction 5 cr
BY2530038 Leadership challenges during change 5 cr
BY00DN13 Lean-ajattelu johtamisessa ja kehittämisessä (not translated) 5 cr
BY00CX75 Multi-cultural teamwork & communications 5 cr
BY2530040 Network management 5 cr
BY00DN18 Pelillistäminen (not translated) 5 cr
BY00DN14 Projektin johtaminen (not translated) 5 cr
BY2530032 Qualitative research methods in working life development 5 cr
BY2530005 Report and publish your development project 5 cr
BY2530004 Research-based development 5 cr
VV00CX01 Russian 4 5 cr
YYYY00812 Russian Cultural History 5 cr
BY00CX68 Russian for working life 5 cr
BY00CX71 Russian Grammar 5 cr
BY00DH20 Sales management 5 cr
B69900216 Service design 5 cr
BY2530039 Service processes and developing of processes 5 cr
BY00CX69 Spanish for working life 5 cr
BY00DW51 StartUp Passion 5 cr
BY2530012 Strategic management 5 cr
BY2530035 Survey in research and development 5 cr
BY00DM97 Tulevaisuuden tutkimus (not translated) 5 cr
B20300114 Turvallisuusjohtaminen 5 cr
BY00DN09 Työhyvinvointi ja johtaminen (not translated) 5 cr