Optional studies
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Other optional studies

VV00DF49 2D Animation 5 cr
VV00EA62 3D printing, laser cutting 5 cr
VV00DZ67 3D sculpting with Zbrush (not translated) 5 cr
SH00DO05 Acute pain and pain treatment 5 cr
VV00DM96 AI expert 5 cr
SH00DO07 Akuutit haavat - tehokas hoito (not translated) 5 cr
AV00DP09 Applying Neuropsychology in Healthcare and Rehabilitation 5 cr
VV00DG13 Asennusharjoitukset (not translated) 5 cr
VV00EF50 Associations in the welfare society 5 cr
301102412 Auditing 5 cr
VV00CY89 Basic mathematics of logistics 5 cr
S00Y062 Basics for Working with Mentally Retarded and their Families 5 cr
T08B023 Basics of Building Services Engineering 3 cr
VV00EA99 Basics of Building Services Engineering 5 cr
SO00AD40 Basics of media education 5 cr
AV00DO20 Basics of Mental Coaching in Sport 3 cr
VV00DA27 Basics of nursing in social work 5 cr
AV00DM09 Basics of Wellbeing, Part 1: Basics of Human Anatomy 5 cr
AV00DM11 Basics of Wellbeing, Part 2: Basics of Strength Training 5 cr
AV00DM12 Basics of Wellbeing, Part 3: Basics of Nutrition 5 cr
VV00DL08 Being a responsible student 2 cr
301102212 Bookkeeping and special questions 5 cr
VV00DO46 Brand ambassador project (not translated) 5 cr
601203216 Brand Building 5 cr
399101415 Business Game 5 cr
VVVV00715 CAM - Introductions 5 cr
T06D050 Certificate in Electric Safety 1 3 cr
VV00EE22 Circular economy project 5 cr
VV00DF51 Cleaning 5 cr
VV00DG23 Climate change 5 cr
VV00DP25 Co-creation project (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DI33 Comics 5 cr
SH00AD10 Cooperative therapeutic relationships in mental health care and substance abuse care 5 cr
VV00ED91 Creating network game using Unreal Engine (not translated) 3 cr
VVVV0114 Creative Digital Photography 5 cr
VV00EF14 Creative material workshop 10 cr
VV00DF09 Criminology 5 cr
SO00AD45 Crisis and disaster work 5 cr
VV00DL87 Cross-cultural management 5 cr
SO00AD43 Current themes of client work in multicultural Finland 5 cr
VV00DO44 Design product workshop 5 cr
VV00CZ68 Design project 5 cr
VV00EA63 Design Workshop (not translated) 5 cr
VV00EF56 Digital gaming in social services 5 cr
VV00DF54 Door and Window Restoration 5 cr
VV00DI17 Drug calculations 0 cr
VV00DI18 Effective workplace writing 5 cr
VV00DB93 Emma Gaala – Social Media 7 cr
EN00CY18 Energy production and usage in pulp and paper industries 5 cr
VV00CT93 Ensiapu 1 (not translated) 1 cr
VV00DB06 Ensiapu 1 ja 2 (not translated) 2 cr
VV00DE95 Ensiapu 2 (not translated) 1 cr
VV00EE24 Ensiavun jatko-opinnot (not translated) 1 cr
VV00EE23 Ensiavun perusteet (not translated) 1 cr
Y26300010 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing 5 cr
VV00DF61 Environmental accounting 5 cr
VV00CW97 Environmental Business 5 cr
VV00DX00 Environmental issues affecting our health 5 cr
LO00DK02 Ethical Demand-Supply Chain Management 5 cr
VV00EA79 EU studies in Brussels 5 cr
WM00DX05 Financial investments and instruments 2 cr
301102312 Financial Statements and Instruments 5 cr
888800114 Finnish for Beginners 5 cr
ME00AE60 Forest logistics and industry 5 cr
YYYY00314 Foundations of managerial work 5 cr
VV00DF50 Furniture upholstery 5 cr
VV00DO51 Future jobs 2 cr
VV00DH02 Gamification in Digital Marketing 5 cr
SH00AC91 Gerontology nursing 5 cr
VV00CY62 Gestational diabetes 3 cr
VV00EA64 Grafis-kaavoitus, jatkokurssi (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DM51 Guild of Coders 1 5 cr
VV00DM52 Guild of Coders 2 5 cr
VV00DM53 Guild of Coders 3 5 cr
VV00CZ21 Hackathon 5 cr
VV00DO19 Head-dresses design and making 5 cr
T06D060 Hot work licence 1 cr
YYYY00414 Human resource management and labour law 5 cr
VV00CY67 Hygiene Certificate 2 cr
AV00CT94 I tell you everything – sexuality and gender in movies 2 cr
VV00DH25 Intensive course in ICT basics 1 cr
VV00ED88 Intensive course in mathematics in the field of engineering 3 cr
VV00DE92 Intensive course in Physics in the field of engineering 3 cr
VV00DF66 Intercultural Communication 5 cr
VV00DF56 Interior Design 5 cr
301104310 Introduction to Mathematics for Finance 3 cr
VV00CY57 Johdatus talousmatematiikkaan (not translated) 3 cr
VV00DI03 Knowledge management 5 cr
VV00DF52 Koristemaalaus (not translated) 5 cr
VV00CZ54 Lapland Hike 5 cr
VV00DL55 Lasten psykiatrinen hoitotyö ja toiminnalliset menetelmät (not translated) 5 cr
KY00DS62 Leadership and workplace skills 5 cr
VV00DP05 Liikunta 1, Mikkeli (not translated) 2 cr
VV00DP06 Liikunta 2, Mikkeli (not translated) 2 cr
VV00DP07 Liikunta 3, Mikkeli (not translated) 2 cr
VV00DP08 Liikunta 4, Mikkeli (not translated) 2 cr
VV00CX18 Linux operating system administration 5 cr
ME00AE62 Logging technology/Simulator 5 cr
VV00DM19 Luonto- ja ympäristökasvatus varhaiskasvatuksessa (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DM16 Luontolähtöisen kuntouttavan työn menetelmät (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DM15 Luontolähtöisen kuntouttavan työn perusteet (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DM14 Luontolähtöiset toimintaympäristöt kuntouttavassa työssä (not translated) 5 cr
VV00ED94 LVI-asennukset (not translated) 2 cr
SH00DO06 Lääkehoidon kädentaidot turvallisesti (not translated) 5 cr
S00Y200 Lääkehoito sosiaalialalla 3 cr
VV00DF67 Macroeconomics and International Trade 5 cr
VV00DM10 Managers and information security 5 cr
VV00CZ34 Matematiikan tehovalmennus 1 cr
VV00DG73 Medical terms 5 cr
S00D200 Mentally retarded person as a client in social- and health care 5 cr
VV00EE98 Metallipintojen konservointi (not translated) 5 cr
AV00DO21 Mindfulness and Wellness 5 cr
VV00CZ04 Monialainen simulaatio (not translated) 1 cr
VV00EA65 Moulded Plywood 5 cr
VV00DL59 Multiculturalism in sexual counseling 5 cr
VVVV10715 Muotoilijaksi 2 cr
AV00DP11 New technologies in health care 5 cr
Y26300003 New Venture Creation and Marketing 5 cr
VV00DL56 Nuorten psykiatrinen hoitotyö ja toiminnalliset menetelmät (not translated) 5 cr
S00D050 Nutrition in Patient Work 5 cr
T06D070 Occupational safety card 1 cr
VV00DP45 Oma osaaminen euroiksi (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DJ59 Operative nursing 5 cr
VV00DO96 Opiskelukyky ja opiskelijan hyvinvointi (not translated) 2 cr
206104712 Optical Networks 5 cr
601203016 Package Design 5 cr
S00Y047 Pain Management 5 cr
VV00DI58 Pain management intensive course 5 cr
VV00DJ20 Passport for alcohol service 2 cr
VV00DL76 Passport for alcohol service 2 cr
H28B003 Patient safety 1 cr
H200CV69 Patient safety 1 cr
VV00CW58 Personnel and sales management 5 cr
VV00DC94 Pharmacology 5 cr
VV00EA82 Php-ohjelmointi (not translated) 5 cr
VV00CZ15 Physical Education 1 2 cr
VV00DG01 Physical Education 2 2 cr
VVVV02410 Physical Education 3 2 cr
VV00DF98 Physical Education 3 2 cr
VVVV02510 Physical Education 4 2 cr
VV00DF99 Physical Education 4 2 cr
VV00DF57 Pintakäsittely (not translated) 5 cr
VV00CY73 Prevention of social exclusion 5 cr
VV00EE14 Project study 5 cr
KY00BH71 Promoottori 5 cr
VV00EA46 Promotor /ambassador 5 cr
VV00DK60 Prosessiteollisuuden sivuvirrat (not translated) 5 cr
399103816 Public Relations Practises 5 cr
IT00DX02 Python programming and data processing 5 cr
VV00DI50 Päihteet perheessä ja moniammatilliset lähestymistavat (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DM18 Päihteet perheessä ja moniammatilliset lähestymistavat (not translated) 5 cr
VVVV01115 Quantitative research methods 3 cr
VV00DL53 Railway traffic 5 cr
VV00CW77 Recognizing of the ECG 2 cr
VV00DM55 Repetition of drug calculation – you are pleasantly surprised! 5 cr
YYYY00214 Research and Development 5 cr
VV00DH98 Robotic process automation 2 cr
VV00EE16 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 5 cr
VVVV18151 Rokotusosaamisen perusteet 2 cr
LL00DO43 Russian and Finnish ways of doing business 2 cr
S25C124 Safe Pharmacological Care 5 cr
H00D204 Sairaanhoitajan kliiniset perustaidot - laboraatioharjoituksia teoriatietoa soveltamalla 2 cr
L80C509 Salary calculation and personal taxation 5 cr
SH00DO02 Seksuaaliterveyden edistäminen akuuttihoitotyössä (not translated) 5 cr
VV00DF55 Selection Criteria for Interior Textiles 5 cr
VV00EF57 Selling online in Russia 3 cr
VV00DK54 Sexual health and rights 5 cr
T06D080 SFS 6002 Electrical work safety course 1 cr
VV00DL84 Skanska Oppiva 5 cr
H00D201 Skill labs 5 cr
TK00EC43 Software testing 5 cr
VV00EA66 SolidWorks 5 cr
VV00DL89 Sound design 5 cr
S00D199 Strengthening the expertise in crisis and trauma work 5 cr
VV00DF02 Student Magazine Insider 3 cr
VVVV00614 Taidegrafiikka 5 cr
VV00DE91 Tekniikan alan kemian tehovalmennus (not translated) 3 cr
503300114 Terminal care 5 cr
SH00ED28 Trakeostomoidun potilaan hoitotyö (not translated) 5 cr
VV00CY34 Transport occupational safety card 1 cr
VV00EA69 Tutoring 5 cr
VV00DJ60 UiPath Robot 3 cr
VV00ED90 Unreal Engine C++ development (not translated) 3 cr
VV00ED89 Unreal Engine: Basics of Blueprint Visual Scripting (not translated) 3 cr
VV00ED92 Using animation editor inside Unreal Engine (not translated) 3 cr
VV00DL96 Valmet automation -project 5 cr
SO00AD44 Violence prevention work 5 cr
S00D044 Violence work 5 cr
S00Y028 Violence Work 5 cr
VV00DF65 Website and network communication 5 cr
VV00DM35 Wellbeing through Music 3 cr
RA00DM80 Working life project 15 cr
VV00CV99 Workshop 5 cr
S00D012 Wound Management 3 cr
SH00DM48 Yleinen patologia (not translated) 5 cr