Master's degree

Master's Degree Programme in Development and Leadership in Health Care and Social Services
Bachelor of Health Care, 90 ECTS

ensihoitaja (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, fysioterapeutti (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, geronomi (ylempi AMK), Master of Social Services and Health Care, jalkaterapeutti (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, naprapaatti (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, sairaanhoitaja (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, sosionomi (ylempi AMK), Master of Social Services, terveydenhoitaja (ylempi AMK), Master of Health Care, Liikunnanohjaaja (ylempi AMK), yhteisöpedagogi (ylempi AMK), Master of Humanities

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You can update, deepen and extend your expertise acquired in a basic degree and working life. You will deepen your understanding on the reforms of social and health care. Furthermore, you are prepared to develop customer- and research oriented services. You can work in multidisciplinary networks and lead development projects in the working life. You can work target-orientedly and productively in the immediate supervisor work. Thus you will get abilities for the management of changes and reforms.
You are able to work in the expert and management tasks in the social and health care organisations. The Master's degree produces the same competence to public offices and tasks as the similar higher academic degree taken from the university (except the qualifications for the position of social worker).

Degree programme description

The basis of the education is a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional viewpoint emphasizing the development needs of the social and health care environment. Critical thinking, problem solving skills, self-direction, initiative and co-operative skills are emphasized in your studies.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

Studies part-time and you can study on the side. Some courses are carried out oneline. There are 2 - 3 contact learning days per month. Between the contact lessons, you study independently or online. It is possible to complete the degree programme within 2 - 3 years. The learning tasks are linked to the working life. The studies include the Master’s thesis which is carried out in working life. You will start your thesis work in your first study year and go on working with the thesis during the third study year.
Your personal study plan is built in the beginning of your studies.

Career opportunities

After graduation, you are able to work as an immediate supervisor, staff nurse, team chief or expert in different projects and development tasks. After having taken the degree, you are able to apply t to the doctor studies to the university. You can also apply to a vocational teacher training.

RDI and cooperation with world of work

As a student, you have possibility to participate in research and development work by combining your learning tasks with working life. In your thesis work, you can also work in co-operation with the Xamk RDI projects.

Learning environments

Master's School is a learning community for Master’s degree students at Xamk. It provides you with the opportunity to build your personal career path and expand your professional network.