Master's degree

Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management
Master of Business Administration, 90 ECTS

tradenomi (ylempi AMK), Master of Business Administration

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The Master’s degree programme improves the students’ professional expertise, giving them skills to succeed in demanding development, management and expert positions.

The International Business Management (IBM) studies focus on the aspects of international business which are of vital importance for the international strategic management and growth of companies. We offer our students the possibility to exchange studies with our numerous partner institutions.

A higher university of applied sciences degree produces the same competence for public offices and tasks as a higher academic degree – such as the Finnish degree Master of Science in Economics (KTM). Master’s degrees at Xamk are carried out within our Master School. Our learning approach bases on action learning and interdisciplinary team work together with the students, teachers and companies. Master School boosts your professional competence and connects you to a valuable network of professionals from different fields of study and businesses. Our International Business Management programme provides you with the cards to take your career to the next level.

Degree programme description

IBM studies cover 90 ECTS credits divided into three parts:

Core competence (40 credits)
Complementary studies (20 credits)
Thesis (30 credits).
Core competence (40 credits)

Core competence courses are the following:
• Business process development
• Cross-border management
• Customer intelligence
• Innovation management in business
• Marketing management
• Strategic business game
• Supply chain management and smart logistics
• Sustainable growth

Core competence courses apply to all graduate students. Core competence courses aim to provide you with knowledge and skills to utilize and integrate a wide range of business information, necessary for the planning, implementation and development of managerial interventions in an organization. The theoretical models and methods of international business management are an essential part of the core competences. The extent of one course is 5 ECTS credits.

Complementary studies (20 credits)

Complementary competence studies enable you to specialise and deepen your studies according to your own interests and needs. You can include 20 ECTS credits of free choice Master School studies into your diploma.

The studies are categorised under the following themes:
• Research and development
• Management, leadership and entrepreneurship
• International working environments
• Information, digital services and networks

Master's thesis (30 credits)

The degree language is English. Teaching, assignments, exams and bachelor’s thesis are conducted in English.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

The programme is organised on a part-time basis and the studies involve a great deal of project work, teamwork and independent study. All studies are in English and carried out through blended learning methods, including lectures, online studies and project-based learning. There are on average three contact days per month. Most of the studies are completed online individually or in small teams. Your progress is supported by online study counseling. The contact lessons are normally held during weekdays, typically on Thursdays and Fridays. It takes about two years to complete the studies. Contact sessions are mainly held on Kouvola campus.

Study guidance

Xamk supports students in all matters related to studies. There are Studies Coordinators and peer student tutors to help, for example, in questions on study environments and study practices. All campuses also provide services by Student Affairs Advisors, Student Wellbeing Advisors, Councelling Psychologist and student health care.

The beginning of studies starts the process with your personal study plan (PSP). It involves making decisions on the courses and their timing, practical training, bachelor’s thesis and international studies. Studies Coordinators support and advice you in drawing up the personal study plan.

BYOD – Bring your own device

According to the BYOD policy, new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus.

Tuition fees

There is a tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students. In addition to the tuition fee, students must independently cover the costs of the study materials and living.

Scholarship scheme at Xamk

Students whose studies progress well and who complete 55 ECTS credits during the academic year, will be refunded 50% of the paid fee. The refund is paid yearly on the basis of the studies (ECTS credits) completed during the previous academic year.

Career opportunities

International Business Management opens a versatile career at the top of the global business world. The graduates have found positions as:

• Account Managers
• Development Directors
• Entrepreneurs
• Export Managers
• Export Operators
• Logistics Managers
• Market Supervisors
• Project Managers
• Purchasers
• Sales Representatives
• Team Managers

RDI and cooperation with world of work

During master studies, you will meet professionals from your field and from other fields. You will benefit from this multidisciplinary network of experts even in your professional career after graduation. You also build important networks in professional development projects, the most important of which is your thesis.

Xamk has strong partnerships with companies, the public sector and third sector players. The most important partners in education and training are companies operating in Finland, especially in Kymenlaakso, together with public sector organizations and other network actors.

RDI projects (research, development and innovation) are large projects, which also include external financing. It is possible for you to participate in them through a course, as a trainee or as a project assistant writing a thesis. These projects can focus on topics such as large-scale customer research, development work for the local area or national education development.

Learning environments

You can study either on campus – where the modern premises are designed especially for learning – or on-line, or outside the campus in different companies and organizations where students, teachers and company representatives cooperate. This way of learning provides you with knowhow on the working world and its possibilities around you.

All the courses – irrespective of their implementation method – use the systems of e-Campus (e.g. virtual learning environment Moodle), which enables smooth group work and document sharing. In addition, various special systems and digital environments such as e-books, databases, office tools, financial management systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, business games and research work programs required by different courses are widely available. Network tools, the student intranet called Student and social media channels increase wide-ranging and quick ways of communication and cooperation.

International perspective

Studying in a Master’s programme at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences offers a truly international study environment with students and staff from over 30 different countries.
The students of International Business Management can strengthen their personal internationalisation by studying abroad during the studies. Xamk offers students the possibility to study with our numerous partner institutions.