Bachelor's degree, full-time studies

Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering, 240 ECTS

Insinööri (AMK), Bachelor of Engineering

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The main focus of the degree programme is in electrical power engineering, but the studies also extensively cover electronics, automation and electrical engineering. Energy economy and efficiency are key issues throughout the studies. The practical orientation of the studies and practical training periods give you a strong sense of working life.

Degree programme description

Electrical and automation engineering studies consist of core competences, complementary competences and optional courses. In addition, the degree programme includes practical training in workplaces and bachelor’s thesis.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

The studies are carried out through contact teaching, laboratory work, assignments and digital teaching on Xamk’s Mikkeli campus. The studies take four years with summer-time opportunities to carry out practical training. Bachelor’s thesis is completed during the fourth year.

Studies in electrical and automation engineering are also arranged as blended studies. The basic education requirements for taking blended studies include a degree of secondary education and three years' work experience in the field. Also engineering or technician degrees from other fields of engineering are applicaple.

It is possible to complete blended studies while working. Contact classes arranged on Mikkeli campus on weekends starting in the autumn 2020. Studies take place on Thursday evenings, Fridays and on Saturdays, every other weekend on average. Contact teaching is arranged for three and a half years.

Career opportunities

The studies of electrical and automation engineering prepare you to be an expert in electrical installations, industrial electrical applications, real estate electrical installations and electronic building services. After completing your degree of Bachelor of Engineering, you are ready for interesting tasks in electrical design, operation or in sales. After graduation, you are able to design and manage electrical and automation projects for buildings and industry. You can also work with power generation and transmission.

RDI and cooperation with world of work

The Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering works closely with local companies and power companies. Nation-wide cooperation with ABB is significant. In addition, strong business collaboration becomes apparent through bachelor’s theses and smaller projects. The regional impact is high, and close connections with personnel of the local electrical companies and industries facilitate access to projects.

Learning environments

Electrical and automation laboratories deal with the phenomena of electricity and automation through concrete problems. Engine adjustments are thoroughly studied as well as controls.

Xamk laboratories are new with new equipment. Laboratory technology is state-of-the-art and continuously updated according to new technologies. Xamk laboratories have a very comprehensive set of measuring instruments and they are also available to students for extra-curricular activities.