Bachelor's degree, part-time studies

Degree Programme in Service Design
Bachelor of Culture and Arts, 240 ECTS

muotoilija (AMK), Bachelor of Culture and Arts

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You work as an expert of service design in multidisciplinary professional teams and in international networks. After graduation, you are able to direct service design processes and utilize the methods and tools of service design. You learn the whole service design process; from user and customer research to ideation, conceptualization and productization.

The field suits people who are open minded and are used to cooperating with different people. As a service designer, you can work in companies providing services, in different associations, in the public sector or as an entrepreneur.

Degree programme description

Service designer specializes in user centered design and service design process.
The service designer masters research methods, human centered design, ideation, conceptualization and productization.

Your professional competence is based on the different user based methods and tools. Multidisciplinary knowledge of cultures and behavioural sciences provides the basis for the comprehensive understanding of service cultures.

In the art studies, you learn to see and develop functional visual solutions to support multidisciplinary cooperation. During visualization studies, you learn to sketch manually and use digital visualization methods. In the method studies, you learn to use tools to help identify and pay attention to the users' needs and wishes in your planning. You can also model your design to justify your choices.

In order to operate in the world of work, you have to know the characteristics of the creative economy and develop practical skills to work as a design entrepreneur. To support the service design process, an analytical approach and critical application of information are emphasized in the studies.

You can supplement your studies according to your personal objectives by choosing courses from other Xamk degree programmes or extend your skills profile with other special competences. In the changing the labour market of the future, a bachelor’s degree completed at a university of applied sciences promotes your employment opportunities.

The degree programme is composed of 240 ECTS credits and includes the following modules:

Core competence 135 ECTS credits
- Professional design 15 ECTS credits
- Languages 15 ECTS credits
- Designing services 15 ECTS credits
- Application of art 15 ECTS credits
- Visualization 15 ECTS credits
- Methods 15 ECTS credits
- Creative economy 15 ECTS credits
- Practical training 30 ECTS credits
- Bachelor’s thesis 15 ECTS credits

Complementary competence 105 ECTS credits
- Digital environments 15 ECTS credits
- Conceptualization 15 ECTS credits
- Productization 15 ECTS credits
- RDI project 15 ECTS credits
- Practical training 15/30 ECTS credits
- Optional studies 30 ECTS credits

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

The degree programme is implemented as blended studies (part-time), comprising contact lessons, online studies and independent work.

The students attend classes on Xamk’s Kouvola campus approximately every three weeks for two days (Friday and Saturday from 9am till 5pm). The rest of the studies is independent work in your own time.

The town has good train connections, and the campus is located a 20-minute walk from the train station. It takes approximately an hour and a half by train from Helsinki to reach the campus.

Career opportunities

As a service designer, you are able to work in the customer interface in companies providing services, in various associations, in the public sector or as an entrepreneur. You can develop your skills to meet the needs of the professional field and wider society.

Possible work titles
- concept designer
- service producer
- visual designer
- user interface designer
- project manager
- entrepreneur in service design

RDI and cooperation with world of work

In Service design, there is cooperation between different fields of education at Xamk, but also with partner institutions and companies in Finland and abroad. There are also regional partner agreements with companies and specialists making use of design.

The studies are carried out in cooperation with companies. During the studies, you participate in a variety of projects, which include assignments related to the theme of the study module, in cooperation with your student colleagues and actors of the field. You can complete your practical training and/or Bachelor’s thesis in different R&D projects or as part of cooperation with companies/organizations.

Your task may be conducting preliminary studies and carrying out assignments as part of an expert group. In the final stages of studies, the curriculum includes a module which forms a part of RDI activities, focusing on relevant subject matters and themes.

Learning environments

Xamk workshop facilities, designed for the processing of various materials and equipped with modern machines, offer a functional learning environment. In the workshop, you can create the needed models, mock-ups, small-scale models and prototypes.

The workshops can be customized for the different service design projects. The workshop may be digital or concrete, and all Xamk campuses are available.