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International business (5 cr)

Code: LT00DW02-3012

General information


06.04.2022 - 22.04.2022


03.10.2022 - 18.12.2022


5 op

Virtual proportion (cr)

2 op

Mode of delivery

60 % Contact teaching, 40 % Distance learning

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 50

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Business Management


  • Mervi Koskelainen

Responsible person

Mervi Koskelainen

Student groups

  • LTKV21SP2
    Business, full-time studies
  • LTKV21SP1
    Business, full-time studies


You are able to analyze the international business environment. You can identify global business opportunities and prerequisites and analyze market areas. You are familiar with the strategies of international operations. You are able to compare different operation models and select the most appropriate model for the company.


What are the most important features in the international business environment? What are companies' opportunities and prerequisites related to international operations? What are the strategies of international operations? How to select the most appropriate operation model? What are Russian ways and corporate culture in your field of business?

Evaluation scale