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Clinical examination of the patient (5 cr)

Code: KA00EL79-3001

General information


07.11.2022 - 18.11.2022


12.01.2023 - 31.05.2023


5 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


10 - 30

Degree programmes

  • Master's Degree Programme in Clinical Expertise


  • Jussi Hänninen

Responsible person

Jussi Hänninen

Student groups

  • KAMI22SY
    Clinical Expertise, master studies


You can apply your advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology in assessing the need for treatment and in the clinical examination of a patient.
You master the key methods used to assess the need for patient care.
You master the structured anamnesis and clinical examination of a patient.
You can identify, evaluate, and draw evidence-based conclusions about a client's / patient's medical condition and severity of illness.
Within the scope of your job description, you are able to design the treatment and follow-up consulting, where appropriate, a multidisciplinary team, and to base clinical decision making (differential diagnostics) within your area of responsibility on patient history, clinical examination and laboratory testing as appropriate.
You can document the history, clinical findings, diagnosis, and follow-up of decision-making.


Assessing the need for care in different situations and settings.
Medical history and patient interview.
Methods of clinical examination.
Cardiovascular examination, respiratory examination, eyes, lymph nodes, neck area, ears, nose, mouth and pharynx examination, genital examination, abdominal examination, musculoskeletal and nervous system examination, skin examination, assessment of mental health and condition.

Evaluation scale



Multidisciplinary practice in clinical nursing.

Further information

Students who have completed a similar course (e.g. prescribing training) may apply for accreditation of the course.
Students can apply for partial accreditation using the AHOT procedure, in which case the competence must be demonstrated in separate assignments (given by the teacher).