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From idea to business (10 cr)

Code: LT00EB05-3004

General information


06.04.2022 - 22.04.2022


22.08.2022 - 14.12.2022


10 op

Virtual proportion (cr)

3 op

RD proportion (cr)

1 op

Mode of delivery

70 % Contact teaching, 30 % Distance learning

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 60

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Business Management


  • Marjaana Roponen
  • Anna-Liisa Immonen
  • Liisa Laitinen

Responsible person

Marjaana Roponen

Student groups

  • LTMI21SM
    Business Management, part-time studies


You are able to understand the importance of entrepreneurship and venture to perceive entrepreneurship as a career opportunity.
You can observe, develop and evaluate new business opportunities in an innovative manner and consider the opportunities of digital operating environments in business.
You can apply your knowledge in an authentic business operating environment.
You can recognize and evaluate the development of your knowledge and skills as an entrepreneur.
You can start a business operation and test the functionality of a business idea in practice on the market.
You are able to work in a customer interface and in cooperation with stakeholders.
You can plan, develop and evaluate company operations.


What issues are associated with early stage business ideation, establishment process and operation planning?
What are the support networks of a start-up company?
How are company finances planned and managed?
How can you assess and develop your own knowledge?
How is a business managed in practice?
How are products/services marketed and sold?

Evaluation scale



Basic studies included in the core competence studies are required.