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Degree Programme in Bioproduct Technology
Bachelor of Engineering, 240 ECTS

Insinööri (AMK), Bachelor of Engineering

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The field of bioproduct technology is developing fast, and engineers in the field have excellent employment prospects.

ioproduct technology focuses on the research into and development of products made of biomass that are durable and can be used to replace products made of plastic and cotton. The business prospects in the forest industry are based on paper, packaging materials and wood products. Several new products are currently being evolved to utilising traditional forest industry processes and the fibres and chemical compounds of wood. Bioproduct technology comprises all technical solutions applied in the before mentioned processes.

The core of this bachelor’s degree engineering programme is consists of process technologies, especially the utilisation of raw wood material in the manufacturing of various products. By means of process technology, natural raw materials are turned into end products necessary in our daily lives, such as magazines, textiles, health care products and biofuels.

Degree programme description

Studies in the degree programme of bioproduct technology are organised on XAMK Savonlinna campus and in the Fibre Laboratory as well as in the leading companies in the field. The Fibre Laboratory is a research unit at XAMK which focuses on the research, development and innovation of industrial processes in cooperation with companies in the fields of pulp and paper technology, water treatment processes and refining of biomaterials.

Savonlinna is a city of strong business activities related to forest industry, and the Fibre Laboratory owned by XAMK works in close cooperation with the leading companies in the field supporting their research, development and innovation projects. The Fibre Laboratory and the new FIBRE3 building serve as an efficient and experimental learning environment, and as a student you have excellent opportunities to do project work and find a thesis topic within the scope of Fibre Laboratory research programmes related to bioproduct technology.

Core subjects in process technology studies are:

- flow technology and heat transfer, material separation and purification processes
- forest bio-rawmaterials and refining processes
- process automation
- test and analysis of materials and products
- process design and design software
- environmental protection and circular economy

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

The option of blended studies is best suited for students that simultaneously work and study.

The on-campus lessons mostly take place on Thu 4 pm–8 pm, Fri 8 am–4 pm and Sat 8 am – 4 pm, approximately every other week. Lessons are organised on Savonlinna campus in the vicinity of the town centre and approximately 3 km from the Fiber Laboratory. Some of the lessons can be followed by means of video conferencing and sometimes a longer period of lessons can be carried out by means of distance learning.

Career opportunities

The employment prospects for graduated bioproduct technology engineers are excellent because the number of students in the degree programme is limited and the bioproduct industry is developing fast. Bioproduct and process technologies are widely utilized in various industrial functions, e.g. the refining of raw materials, materials production, energy production and manufacturing of goods are all based on process technologies.

The degree programme curriculum extensively covers the scope of process technology, so after graduation you are qualified to find employment not only directly in the forest industry but also in the surrounding cluster i.e. companies that design and manufacture machinery and equipment. There are also good employment opportunities in the chemical process industries e.g. in the sphere of oil refining, metallurgical ore enrichment and minerals processing.

RDI and cooperation with world of work

Research is also integrated in the content of courses, and as a student you have an opportunity to complete courses and internships, as well as write your thesis in connection with projects and laboratory work. Also, you have access to the research facilities and equipment of the laboratories, and the researchers and laboratory staff contribute to the content of courses.

Internships, projects and thesis studies can also be carried out in local companies such as the equipment manufacturer ANDRITZ Oy which is located side by side with the campus. It is also possible to complete internships, courses and thesis studies abroad, either in companies or at partner universities and universities of applied sciences.

Learning environments

The degree studies in bioproduct technology are carried out in a unique learning environment. You will learn field-specific theoretical concepts and digital skills in the modern facilities of Savonlinna Campus. Practical laboratory work is performed in the up-to-date premises of the Fiber Laboratory:

- chemistry laboratory
- process hall
- pilot hall
- fiber, water and sludge laboratories
- production-scale pilot plants
- portable pilot plants for factory testing

It is also possible to participate in business development projects.