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Degree Programme in Digital International Business
Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 ECTS

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Are you ready to challenge yourself in digital international business in a new and exciting way of learning?

You will graduate from the Digital International Business Degree Programme for challenging digital international business, marketing and commerce assignments. The programme, taught in English, will help you become a professional able to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds and take an active part in developing the world of work.

You study and learn in a truly international environment, as our lecturers and students come from over 30 different countries. The mixture of cultural and linguistic backgrounds brings your multi-cultural teamwork skills to a new level, deepening your understanding of practices in global companies. At the same time, you improve your English skills in realistic situations. We have a long tradition in teaching international business as well as teaching in English.

Studying is implemented in close cooperation with businesses, based on our award winning LCCE model which goes beyond the traditional classroom. As part of this method, you will work on real-world company projects during your studies. This unique method also provides you with the networking opportunities to be in touch with companies to seamlessly step straight from your study path to your career path.
In addition to courses offered by Xamk, you can also make use of the versatile study opportunities offered by our international partner institutions. With some institutions, you can even complete a double degree.

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Degree programme description

The degree programme, completely taught in English, is organised on a full-time basis, taking approximately 3.5 years to complete. With hard work and determination, many of our students have managed to complete the degree in just 3 years. In addition, previous university level studies can be taken into account, which enables completing your degree sooner.

Our Digital International Business programme provides you with a strong foundation in international business operations.

Digital International Business Degree Study Structure:
• Core competence 150 ECTS credits, including core competencies, basic and professional practical training and bachelor thesis;
• Supplementary Competence 60 ECTS credits, which includes advanced studies in digital business (45 ECTS credits) and free-choice studies (15 ECTS credits).

After completing your core studies:
• you know the various functions of the company and make decisions about them
• you can analyze changes in the business environment and its impact on company's international digital operations.
• you know how to use information technology as a tool for decision making
• you know how to do research and use it to support your business

After completing complementary studies:
• you know how to manage the various processes of digital marketing and sales in international business
• you know the different digital business models of your business
• you can analyze the impact of the blockchain technology and platform economy on company development
• you can lead product development and innovation activities of an international company
• you know how to manage the strategic and innovation processes in the international business

Cooperation with the working world is an important part of our studies. Learning takes place in practical projects, and the entrepreneurial approach is included in the teaching methods and course content. Projects with companies and other organizations allow you to work with working world representatives and teachers.

Optional studies offer you a good opportunity to study an advanced field of your choice. Optional language studies, as well as managerial and leadership studies, are very supportive of your compulsory studies.

Practical training during studies gives you hands-on experience in the real business world. The great thing about practical training is that you can complete it anywhere in the world.

Implementation of studies and flexible learning tracks

You have the opportunity to choose the learning track that suits you: the scheduled, independent or blended track.
The language of instruction is English.

Tuition fees
The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students is EUR 6 000 per academic year. In addition to the tuition fee, students must independently cover the costs of the study materials and living.

Scholarship scheme at Xamk
Students whose studies progress well and complete 55 ECTS credits during the academic year, will be refunded 50% of the paid fee.
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Study councelling
Xamk supports students in different ways in all matters related to the studies. Your studying is supported by the studies coordinators and tutors who guide you in questions concerning the study environments, study practices, and similar. On the campuses, the services of the study secretaries, student wellbeing advisors, councelling psychologists, and student health care are also available.

At the beginning of the studies, you begin your personal study planning which helps you make choices related to the studies, practical training, final thesis and internationalization. Your studies coordinator will support you in preparing the personal study plan.

Read more about student wellbeing.

BYOD – Bring your own device
According to BYOD policy new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus. Read more

Career opportunities

The challenges and opportunities in the global marketplace have never been so exciting. Our tech-savvy BBA graduates with entrepreneurial approach qualify for expert and managerial positions requiring competence in international business.

Our graduates have found their career in the following positions:
• Accounting Assistant
• Area Export Managers
• Business Controller
• Digital Business Expert
• Digital Key Account Managers
• Digital Marketer
• Marketing Assistant
• Marketing Planners
• Market Supervisors
• Product Manager
• Regional manager
• Sales Coordinators

RDI and cooperation with world of work

Xamk has strong cooperation networks with businesses, the public sector and third sector actors.

The Degree Programme in Digital International Business has been designed in cooperation with local companies and Xamk alumni.
At Xamk learning takes place within initiatives that are firmly based on working life. The aim is to provide students with relevant experience of working life, enabling you to gain competence through interactive work. You have a possibility to promote internationalization and tourism in the Kymenlaakso region. In addition, you have a lot of possibilities to work in marketing, sales and trade.

RDI projects (research, development and innovation) are large projects which also include external financing. It is possible for you to participate in them through a course, as a trainee or as a project assistant writing a thesis. These projects can focus on topics such as large-scale customer research, development work for the local area or national education development.

Learning environments

You can study either on campus – where the modern premises are designed especially for learning – or on-line, or outside the campus in different companies and organizations where students, teachers and company representatives cooperate.

The studies are implemented in a practical way, and you acquire work experience already during your studies. You become familiar with different companies through projects, various events, practical training periods and your thesis. At the same time, you create networks that will be useful for you after graduation.
International weeks and different fairs organized on campus also create an inspiring learning environment. These events, student activities (tutoring and student club activity) and workgroups (for developing campus environment etc.) offer a wide-ranging way to develop your competence.

All the courses – irrespective of their implementation method – use the systems of e-Campus (e.g. virtual learning environment Moodle), which enables smooth group work and document sharing. In addition, various special systems and digital environments such as e-books, databases, office tools, financial management systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, business games and research work programs required by different courses are widely available. Network tools, the student intranet called Student and social media channels increase wide-ranging and quick ways of communication and cooperation.